Ahlstrom lobbies Washington for support of ASLA's Green Initiatives, 2007

Alan Ahlstrom, RLA, CH, in his role as President of the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, attended the ASLA annual conference in Washington, D.C. Part of his mission was to garner support from the RI political delegation for various Green Initiatives which the ASLA holds as critical-ways in which the landscape architecture community of professionals can most effectively serve.

This year, the ASLA was promoting two issues. One is the "Small Communities Visioning Pilot Initiative", which hopes to establish matching funds in like or kind for communities with populations of less than 25,000 to help them plan for their futures. Two thirds of the towns in Rhode Island, along with the Narragansetts and other Native American tribes, would be able to meet the criteria for these grants, presuming the issue becomes incorporated into the Farm bill. The other item which was promoted was the "Green Roof" at the National Headquarters ( http://www.asla.org/ContentDetail.aspx?id=25362 ) as a viable short-term means to help the environment with global warming, energy conservation, rain water runoff managaement and urban heat island effects. The longer term goals for the year 2050 are being proposed in our legislation. He also extended an invitation to visit the roof. (To find out more about current lobbying efforts of the Landscape Architecture Profession go to http://www.asla.org/ContentDetail.aspx?id=25362 )

Mr. Ahlstrom met with Senator Jack Reed and Staff members of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Positive feedback was received and the lobbying will continue on the part of the ASLA.










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