Ahlstrom earns Certification for Coastal Wetlands Invasive Plant Management, 2008.


Alan Ahlstrom, RLA, CH, principal of Havenwood, LLC a landscape architecture and site planning firm, has successfully completed the Certification Program for Invasive Plant Management offered by the accredited University of Rhode Island Landscape Architecture program.  This program was formulated and presented with the expertise of professionals from URI, Coastal Resource Management Committee (CRMC), RI Natural History Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Training included further in-depth knowledge of Invasive Plant Identification with emphasis on Alteration of the Native Ecosystem.  Additional specific issues addressed pertained to Site Assessment & Inventory; Management Plan Development with Invasive Plant Removal, Disposal, Revegetation, Monitoring and Maintenance.  This program is especially significant given the necessary attention to Coastal Invasives and Coastal Buffer Revegetation and the 400 miles of coastline in Rhode Island. 

With a Certified Manager, properties under the jurisdiction of RI CRMC will be allowed to expand the managed area of their coastal wetlands buffer zones from the 25% maximum currently allowed by CRMC regulations http://www.crmc.ri.gov/regulations/programs/redbook.pdf , to 50%  managed area.

Certification will be renewed annually.













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