Havenwood LLC Landscape Architectural Services

Project Initiation

This initial phase involves a fact-finding mission. All relevant data that is or will affect the project must be identified. A survey must be provided showing all site conditions clearly and accurately. A site analysis with photography of the existing conditions is completed and studied. Client needs and general budgetary issues should be confirmed and, governmental jurisdiction, if any, will be clarified. Once done, the results of this phase work will lay the foundation for the next stage of the process.

Master Planning

With the completion of the Project Initiation phase, the creative process begins. Alternative designs are generated culminating in the best design, the Master Plan. To effectively communicate the Master Plan, the client is presented with diagrammatic plans, elevations and/or perspective sketches. Also at this juncture, Havenwood LLC also offers a Preliminary Cost Estimate.

Design Development

With the client’s approval of the Master Plan, Design Development begins. Key components are studied in greater depth. Some redesign may occur with new program requirements outlined. Additional detailed plans are developed including: planting, layout and materials plans. Sections, elevations, construction details, and outline specifications are also created. In essence, this phase work will clearly define the scope, character and quality of the project. Also at this juncture, Havenwood LLC also offers a more detailed Cost Estimate.

Bid Coordination

As required by a client, Havenwood LLC could identify numerous qualified landscape construction contractors and submit Construction Bid Sets to them for the purpose of obtaining bid proposals. If required, we will meet in person with bidding contractors on-site to clarify and communicate the specifics of the project. The resulting bids will be reviewed for completeness and presented to the client for award of a construction contract.

Construction Documentation

In this phase, Construction and Detail Drawings, along with final Specifications are developed. These technical materials provide clear communications between our client and their contractor. They also present and communicate the intent of our design in terms of quality expectations, complexity, and final appearance. Additionally, these Construction Documents provide the basis of a contractual agreement between our client and their contractor for the construction of the project as defined by the scope of work.

Construction Observation

Dependent upon the complexity and the level of detail in the final design, Havenwood LLC will interact with the contractor in an effort to ensure that construction proceeds in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the client-approved design as represented in the Construction Documents. Our staff’s years of experience in the design/build environment will aid in securing a smooth and timely process resulting in a project of the utmost quality.

Additional Services

Certain projects may require work components that fall outside the aforementioned basic services. Such work may include, but is not limited to the following:

Professional Coordination - coordination of any necessary consultants, for example, engineering, architectural, irrigation, etc.

Governmental Approvals - assistance in obtaining approval(s) from the appropriate governing board or agency.

Material Selection - selection and tagging of materials -- for example, stone or plants -- at supply yards.

Specialized Designs - client-tailored designs and layouts for lighting, security, sound design, in-field boulder arrangement, plant placement, etc.

RI CRMC Invasive Plant Manager #001
Develop Invasive Management plans for CRMC approvals to increase the allowed Maintained Buffer from 25% to 50% with in coastal buffer zones. Provide on site supervision while work is being done and create required follow up reports to CRMC for the required time periods. For addtional information see http://www.crmc.ri.gov/applicationforms/BZGuidance_Invasives_Checklist.pdf

Further information regarding the terms and conditions of our services are available upon request.

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