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Earth - Stone

Earth and Stone are the spine of a garden. They anchor and provide structure to the garden. Earth shapes and sculpts while stone brings age and permanence. Between them, they direct the flow of energy and provide for a solid foundation from which to build.



Water feeds the garden, bringing it life and energy. It works on a multitude of levels. In serenity, it reflects the garden and the sky. Flowing,, it draws the eyes and ears with motion and sound. It offers an element to contemplate and soothe.


Plants are a living dynamic, bringing color, change and a delicate beauty to the garden. Plants define the outdoor spaces, shelter us with shade, cool the summer heat and provide accents throughout the winter.


Light is the element which illuminates the landscape, enhancing colors and contrasting shadows. Whether sun, moon, fire or electric, light directs our focus, sets a mood, influences our spirit, and brings the garden to life.


  "A garden is an extension of ourselves. It is the place where we feel comfort and joy, where we feel the beauty the earth provides."
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